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Human Horizons lays foundation for smart traffic management in Shanghai

Human Horizons, the Chinese automotive tech firm, has proclaimed to have enabled the world’s first ‘vehicle-road city’ integrated ecosystem with a state-of-the-art 5G autonomous driving traffic management system in Shanghai.

The smart city development has been deployed in the artificial intelligence (AI) hub of Zhanjiang Hi-Tech Park which is situated in Shanghai. The project aims to set an example for the autonomous vehicles of the future which will operate within smart cities.

Human Horizons has achieved this through the use of a 5G network, vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X), AI, LiDAR tech, big data and cloud computing to “realize an ecosystem of autonomous driving”.

On this 100,000 square meter AI hub, the traffic management monitoring center analyzes the data which is received from the road along with the L3 dual-redundant autonomous shuttles from within the park through the use of cloud computing in order to enable real-time, remote management.

The holographic road sensing network, 3D + 3 Sensing, ensures that the network utilizes radar, LiDAR and high-precision cameras to monitor the vehicles within the area and in turn, provides a holistic solution which will essentially contribute to an “accident-free, emission-free and congestion-free” mode of mobility, according to Human Horizons.

“The implementation of the ‘Smart City’ project demonstrates that our ‘3 Smart’ strategy is both an ambitious as well as a practical goal. The development of future human mobility must be combined with the ‘intelligentization’ of roads and cities,” said the Chariman of Human Horizons, Ding Lei.

In fact, this initiative is part of the ‘3 Smart’ project which aims to integrate smart vehicles with roads and traffic management systems.

He added, “While much progress is being made, it will still be some time before Human Horizons’ ‘Smart City’ can be rolled out on a much larger scale.”

Lei pointed out that despite the red tape, the will continue to prove that their smart city technologies will improve the daily lives of citizens.

“We are going to continue to evolve and develop our technologies and the opportunities will surely continue to manifest themselves,” he said.