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Worldwide experts reveal the growing need for spectrum access

Sessions over the first two days of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Global Summit have highlighted the spectrum sharing lessons learned between countries worldwide and the current demand for unlicensed access. On its final day, the Global Summit explored national spectrum plans and the economic benefits of the spectrum.

General Motors tests cost-effective battery technology for EVs  

Aiming to slash the cost of future electric vehicle batteries and reducing its dependence on price-sensitive metals such as cobalt, General Motors Co is experimenting with silicon-rich and lithium metal anodes, solid state and high voltage electrolytes, and dry processing of electrodes for its next generation of Ultium batteries, due around 2025, according to the company’s president Mark Reuss. 

New research shows building strategies can reduce risk of airborne diseases

A new research from Syracuse University shows the effectiveness of building systems to mitigate airborne transmission of pathogens in buildings. Carrier Global Corporation, provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions and Syracuse University have co-developed an assessment tool that can evaluate buildings for airborne pathogen transmission risk and provide custom strategies to help ensure healthier and safer environments for building occupants.

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