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Softbank, Lippo Karawaci to deploy smart city technology in Indonesian village

Indonesian property developer Lippo Karawaci and Japanese conglomerate Softbank have joined forces to develop and deploy smart city technology in Lippo village, near Jakarta.

The alliance entails cooperation between both companies to develop and deploy artificial inteeligence- (AI) and Internet of Things- (IoT) powered smart city solutions within the Lippo Village community in Karawaci.

The township was chosen to be the priority location for the project, with plans to make it the next hub of smart city technology applications and Research in the region of South East Asia.

“Within our township, we intend to implement IoT technology through smart cluster management and smart traffic management in Lippo Village,” said John Riady, CEO of Lippo Karawaci.

“We are excited to move forward and collaborate with SoftBank to develop AI and IoT-based innovative solutions for our customers across the largest integrated real estate and healthcare company in Indonesia.”

Smart traffic management involves using CCTV to identify and differentiate between vehicle types as well as keeps track of how many vehicles enter an area. While smart cluster management uses advanced camera technology to read motor vehicle license plates and utilizes facial recognition on vehicle drivers and passengers.

Alsom an AI-powered analytics platform will be introduced which will enable the collection of data based on shoppers’ behavior with regards to special offers and rewards across the township’s 51 mall network.

SoftBank VP and head of global business strategy, Hidebumi Kitahara, stated, “We are very pleased that we could launch this AI and IoT initiative together with Lippo Karawaci to make Lippo Village even more comfortable for residents and tenants.”