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SenSen Networks launches new smart city app

SenSen has announced the launch of their new app, Gemineye, which has been deemed the “world’s first” smartphone app powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for smart cities.

Gemineye has been built to cater for governments, municipalities and cities that are seeking an easy way to access updates on all the operations running on their smart city platform.

This app will enable smart city leaders to view asset management, civic compliance, security and surveillance as well as traffic data in Gemineye. It runs on the cloud and uses AI to automatically pull information from video feeds and sensors.

SenSen Networks CEO, Dr. Subash Challa, stated, “Cities worldwide look to provide their citizens with a number of civic services, including fair parking and guidance solutions, as well as ensuring they are safe and clean to live in. Technology equipment and technology is prohibitively expensive for most cities in the world.”

“We wanted to change that and make these solutions affordable, accessible and reliable to every city all over the globe. Gemineye does that. This breakthrough technology lets us deliver a higher level of intelligence and services compared to existing world-class infrastructure analysis solutions at a much lower cost. This is helping SenSen to usher in a new era of smart cities worldwide, and is helping make roads safer, cities smarter and businesses more productive.”

In addition to enabling accessibility to smart city data, Gemineye will help them decrease capital expenditure and reduce the costs needed for maintaining smart city infrastructure and analysis solutions. Municipalities will be notified in real time of any illegal activity being conducted as the app picks up on information to ensure compliance with local laws at all times.

“The power of Gemineye is enormous for the future. You could have ever retailer in the world using the app to track their stores or foot traffic with them. You could have manufacturers using it to advise on new efficiencies. Mining and construction could also use it for health and safety. There are different applications for Gemineye in every city, industry and business in the world,” said Dr. Challa.

He continued, “We believe this is going to open up and deliver many new functions beyond the two services available today, and significantly broaden SenSen’s global addressable market. We cannpt wait to deliver further enhancements to our customers and give them smart AI-powered analytics in the palm for their hand.”