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Tribe Accelerator announces new smart cities program

According to the announcement, the initiative has recruited ten startups ot join the project in its first phase.

Tribe accelerator has revealed a list of companies which will take part in its smart cities program.

Tribe Accelerator, a Singapore-based, state-backed blockchain incubator revealed the first set of companies to participate in its program for smart cities. 10 startups have been recruited to join the accelerator in its first phase of the project.

Some of the participants include:

·         sgCarMart- a new and used car platform in Singapore with over 5000 merchants and 2.6 million users

·         WhatsHalal- a Halal food ecosystem that uses a streamlined farm-to-table model.

·         Digix- Digitizes traditional assets, gold being their first successful use case.

·         Chorus Mobility-

·         Halo-  has built its own version of the existing cloud storage platforms but has made it user-specific which gives user full control and ownership over their data.

·         TADA- the world’s first blockchain based ride hailing app which functions in Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam.

·         Accure- helps data-driven organizations transform their data and builds data analytics based on NLP and statistical science.

In a press release, a statement given by Yi Ming Ng, Managing Partner of Tribe Accelerator, read: “We hope to give them [companies] the resources they need to excel, and we are excited to see what the startups will be able to accomplish when integrated into our dynamic network of global partners from both the corporate and blockchain ecosystem.”

Blockchain technology is still relatively new to the business landscape. New use cases are being considered for its application and development.

Being one of the 10 projects selected to take part in this forward-thinking, regionally significant initiative is something we are truly proud of. The Tribe Accelerator program provides Singapore-based companies like Digix with a global edge, further bolstering Singapore’s position as a leader in the blockchain and startup ecosystem,” said COO of Digix, Shaun Djie.