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Microsoft executive says AI will be the transformational technology of our generation

A key executive of US technology behemoth Microsoft has claimed that AI will be the transformational technology that will define our generation and fundamentally reshape how our society will function.

The comments were made by Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of AI, Kevin Dallas at the AI Everything summit which was being held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The inaugural event brought AI leaders and visionaries together under one roof to share knowledge and project their views on what direction and impact the revolutionary technology will have on a global scale.

Dallas delivered a highly-engaging and colourful keynote presentation and highlighted how it was Microsoft’s aim to ensure AI delivered benefits to every echelon of society.

Dallas said, “We have a responsibility as an industry across all sectors to make sure that AI and its benefits are being delivered to everybody in society. The goal of AI has to be to improve lives, we need to utilize its incredible capabilities and foster it in a way that helps us create a new wealth of opportunities.”

Microsoft’s AI VP disclosed that he has always been a huge fan of a futuristic world and say his curiosity began as a child and spoke of the impact a book called The Minority Report had on him which is a sci-fi thriller set in 2059.

In addition to this, Dallas highlighted the significant transformation AI will play in the healthcare and transportation industry.

“We’re projecting that there will be around 10 million autonomous vehicles on the streets by 2020. This clearly indicated that the transportation industry is actively pursuing the idea of a world in which shared mobility is the future and it is exciting. AI will also significantly improve healthcare and will completely reform the health services we currently receive.”

Dallas concluded his presentation by highlighting some key points regarding the future of AI and our attitude towards the technology.

Dallas said, “We’re going to have 30 billion edge devices by 2020, and 85 per cent of enterprises will be using AI by 2020, which will in turn create an economic return of $1.2 trillion driven by AI in just 3 years. There has been a lot of skepticism around AI regarding job dislocation, but in a recent survey we conducted we discovered that 61 per cent of consumers believe AI will make the world a better place, and this was hugely encouraging as we continue to map out the AI future.