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Evoteq spearheads digitalization innovation with SmartTrack and SmartSurveillance projects

EVOTEQ, a UAE based digital transformation catalyst and GS1 UAE, a leading provider of supply chain standards and solutions, have announced a partnership agreement to work collaboratively for the creation and deployment of best-in-class traceability solutions. The strategic new alliance is expected to address a diverse range of traceability challenges being faced by various industry verticals, including the pharmaceutical industry. The move is seen to curb the proliferation of counterfeit goods, particularly across the food and beverage industry, where the need for traceability and focus on food safety has never been stronger.

According to EVOTEQ senior officials, the two companies will be working collaboratively to identify key areas where EVOTEQ's SmartTrack solution, a revolutionary track and trace platform that ensures product integrity in the supply chain across multiple industries, can be combined effectively with GS1 Standards and Solutions to improve supply chain security and the quality of life.

Jihad Tayara, CEO, EVOTEQ, said, “We are very optimistic about this newly formed alliance with GS1 UAE. Our SmartTrack platform, which is a GS1-compliant track and trace solution, tracks products from manufacturers to the end users. This platform was created to help ensure supply chain integrity across several industry verticals like electronics, luxury goods, drugs, soft drinks and automotive spare parts. EVOTEQ's SmartTrack Solution will allow solving critical gaps within the lifecycle of a product while tracking its complete journey. SmartTrack plays a key role in preventing the proliferation of counterfeit items.”

A recent industry report from the OECD and the EU's Intellectual Property Office has shown that trade of counterfeit goods is now pegged at 3.3 per cent of the total world trade and will continue to rise if not dealt with properly. Industries heavily affected by counterfeit products are footwear (22 per cent), medical equipment (5 per cent), pharmaceuticals (2 per cent) and clothing (16 per cent). Over the last few years, the UAE has been widely recognized for having one of the most active anti-counterfeiting regimes in the Middle East and African region (MEA).

 “The topic of traceability is a crucial one in our region and as GS1, we support all initiatives and solutions that leverage our GS1 System of Standards.  EVOTEQ’s SmartTrack platform is industry proven and is fully compliant with GS1 standards,” said Rami Habbal, CEO, GS1 UAE.

Staying to true to their digitalization agenda through four key pillars -Infrastructure services, Cloud and Platform services, Business Applications and, Smart City and IoT Solution, Evoteq's SmartSurveillance system, utilizes the latest autonomous drone technology, enabled by AI and real-time analysis through thermal cameras for surveillance activities in industries and work places. The smart security system can detect fires, intrusions, theft, or any other problem before they escalate.

Evoteq has been providing businesses and governments the latest next generation technology solutions with the help of a team of leading experts.