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French automaker unveils its vision for the future with driverless electric car

French car manufacturer Renault has unveiled its vision for the future with the introduction of its prototype for a ride-hailing taxi. The French firm showcased the self-driving vehicle entitled EZ-GO at the Geneva Motor Show.

The EZ-GO is a shared driverless electric vehicle designed for on-demand mobility services. The vehicle can hold up to six passengers simultaneously. Renault also disclosed that it plans to launch commercial services of the futuristic taxi shuttle by 2022.

Representatives of Renault told attendees at the Geneva Motor Show that the vehicle will become part of a smart city's transportation ecosystem. The EZ-GO aims to provide an on-demand mobility solution for all and works through an instant-booking service from an app, or from in-town stations which is dependent on the preference from the operator.

Renault declined to speculate on whether or not the service will be operated by private or public organization. However, it did point out that it can potentially operate 24/7 and supplements both car ownership and mass transit such as subways and buses. The French automaker claims the EZ-GO combines the comfort of individual transport with the efficiency, flexibility and safety provided by public transport.

Safety remains a primary concern for many consumers in relation to autonomous vehicles, but Renault claims that its EZ-GO actively bolsters its user's safety by limiting its maximum speed to 30mph. In addition to this, it claims that safety is also increased for the city's other road users thanks to a light signature capability that indicates it is in autonomous mode.

The EZ-GO is equipped with onboard Wi-Fi connectivity that enables users to charge their smartphones by induction. There's also a large screen in front of the door for sharing trip information (time to arrival, planned stops for boarding or leaving), or information about the city's services, with the passengers.

In addition to function, Renault has focused on form and the EZ-GO's innovative architecture and cocoon-like styling "is meant to be beautiful, far from a cube-shaped shuttle". The characteristics of this concept mean all types of users can use it, in many ways and under various conditions, in keeping with the Easy Life brand promise.