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French firms sing MoU to accelerate development of sustainable ‘Smart Cities’

French firms SUEZ and Bouygues Construction have announced that they have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in a collective bid to accelerate the development of sustainable ‘smart cities' that have circular economic solutions.

SUEZ, is an environmental services colossus, and is an established global brand. A spokesman for the firm disclosed that the MoU signed with Bouygues is a worldwide partnership agreement which means that collaborative partnership will last for an initial period of three years. This phase of the project will cover the design and development of new solutions with the aim of optimizing resource management, sustainable building and the circular economy.

In addition to this, the French firm added that by 2030 the plant will have 9 billion inhabitants, 60% of whom will live in urban environments, which will consist of about 40 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. So both firms recognize that the ‘sustainable management' is one of the critical challenges of the 21st century.

SUEZ have publicly stated that urban around cities need to be reinvented in order to reduce energy and water consumption rates. However, in order to establish a virtuous circular economy with regards to the recovery of waste and transportation, the need to integrate more and more connected buildings is imperative. If these strategies can be implemented properly then that can ensure a better quality of life and deliver a lower ecological footprint.  SUEZ has claimed that it can provide know-how in water supply, water treatment, construction, recycling and recovery to develop urban projects. Its partner, Bouygues Construction can offer expertise in the construction of eco-neighborhoods. They can oversee everything from the design-phase, to assistance for users and residents through new services introduced both in France and at international level.

Both parties already collaborative on a number of projects, which include the construction of the Fort d'Issy-Vanves-Clamart metro station which forms part of the Grand Paris Express. However, SUEZ have stressed that this newest MoU worldwide partnership will take their collaboration to new heights, merging their shared expertise and vision towards the development of innovative solutions.

CEO of SUEZ, Jean-Louis Chaussade said the new collaboration partnership creates a new chapter in the history between both organizations. He said: "This agreement represents a new chapter in the history of the two groups. We have already pooled our expertise in some emblematic projects, such as the recovery of construction waste from the first construction site of the Grand Paris Express. We are rising to the challenges of urbanization and the circular economy by stepping up our efforts in favor of a virtuous construction industry and the development of resourceful cities.

Philippe Bonnave, Chairman and CEO of Bouygues Construction added: "Meeting the environmental challenge of more virtuous resource management will be the priority of the partnership between our two groups. The environmental emergency we all face today is now urging us to go further and draw on our respective expertise so that we can jointly propose disruptive solutions to achieve better recovery of resources."