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Japanese conglomerate announces plans to build ‘smart city infrastructure’ in Lisbon

Japanese technology and IT colossus NEC Corporation has announced it will build a 'smart city infrastructure' platform aimed at integrating a range of data sources in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The innovative project is part of the government's initiative to make its capital a 'smart city' by enhancing connectivity, and utilizing data that can improve the services it provides for its citizens.

It has been revealed that the IT vendor's artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things technologies will be implemented to collect, store and analyze valuable data information from across the city. The Japanese technology firm, which is headquartered in Tokyo, will also integrate 10 internal systems and 30 external systems in its Cloud City Operation Centre. It also intends to construct a Municipal Service Operation Centre.

The construction of the 'smart city infrastructure' will enable city leaders to combine environmental, local government, IoT device and external data to provide services. A number of potential use-cases have been flagged for the project, and they range from detecting illegally parked vehicles, to smart lighting, and suspicious objects.

The timeframe of when the project will commence has not yet been officially disclosed, although it's expected to have begun by the end of 2017. Lisbon city councilman for Sports, IT and Citizen's Relationship expressed his delight at the announcement, and says the partnership paves the way for a better future for the citizens of the Portuguese capital.

He said: "In an effort to improve the urban environment as our city's population increases and the number of tourists rises, Lisbon is striving to better the quality of life and strengthen security."

Other similar projects are also underway across Europe. In the UK, BT has launched a smart city initiative in Milton Keynes. The program will see smart refuse collection, parking and pest control being enabled through LoRa.