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Cities Coalition for Digital Rights endorses Smart Moscow

The Cities Coalition for Digital Rights has declared Moscow’s digital projects that are aligned with the Coalition’s aims to collaboratively protect, promote and monitor residents’ and visitors’ digital rights.

Data on the Moscow projects are now available on the organisation’s webpage.

Smart City Lab is a subdivision of Moscow’s Department of Information Technology which has been responsible since 2012 for introducing advanced town planning technologies in the city’s urban environment. Muscovites are actively using platforms such as the Active Citizen online referendum system and the crowdsourcing platform: crowd.mos.

To speed up the work of its urban infrastructures the city has launched online maps and online payment for parking.

Committed to the principle of transparency, Moscow’s government plans to regularly update an open data portal (, which already contains information on more than 315,000 city infrastructure facilities. 100% of Moscow’s public sector procurement is now being conducted electronically thanks to the city’s unified procurement information system.

To implement the principle of equal and universal access to the Internet, Moscow is running digital literacy projects - a course of educational lectures entitled Smart City School. А similar course is provided for the elderly under the Moscow Longevity programme.

All of these projects plus a number of others have been included in the list compiled by the Citizens Coalition for Digital Rights.

The coalition was set up in November 2018 by three cities - Amsterdam, Barcelona and New York City, which secured support from UN-Habitat, EUROCITIES, CGLU and other participating cities.

The coalition promotes the following 5 principles:

  • Universal and equal access to the Internet, and digital literacy
  • Privacy, data protection and security
  • Transparency, accountability, and non-discrimination of data, content and algorithms
  • Participatory democracy, diversity and inclusion
  • Open and ethical digital service standards

Since the coalition’s foundation 33 more cities have joined the initiative.