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China launches blockchain identification system for smart cities

China has launched a blockchain-based smart cities identification solution, which will assign a unique global ID to smart cities infrastructure. It is expected that the new solution will enable better information sharing and connectivity between smart cities.

As reported by the Global Times, the newly developed blockchain identification system was launched jointly by three institutes in the city of Shijiazhuang.

Zhang Chao commented that the system was developed by China and stated: “The system will be independently distributed and managed by China, with a unified distribution rule, a resolution of distributed storage and tamper-resistant code.”

The City ID code Identification System is based on what the organizations say is “the first global top-level MA node code in China” and has been developed in accordance with the ISO/IEC 15459 international standard. Each city, department and piece of infrastructure will be assigned a unique global digital identification code.

For example, the city code of Shijiazhuang is MA.156.1301. The Shijiazhuang urban management bureau identification code is MA.156.1301.01, and the traffic management department identification code is MA.156.1301.02.

This is primarily done with the aim of improving data sharing and connectivity between cities. Additionally, blockchain is widely recognized for its security features. It can help to secure communication between IoT-enabled smart cities systems, so that it can safely store important and sensitive information.

As new and more complicated challenges continue to arise from China’s increasingly urbanized population, China has focused on smart city development for many years.