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Dubai Police outlines plans to introduce driverless cars and RoboCops to its fleet

In a detailed and fascinating presentation, the Director General of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police said the future represented an exciting opportunities for introducing different methods to policing in the country, and claimed that Dubai would serve as a shining example to the rest of the world. He revealed that Dubai Police plans on introducing 'smart' police stations that would be unmanned, fully automated and open 24-hours a day.

Brig. Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi said, "The Smart Dubai Police Station represents a new era for policing in Dubai. These police stations will be unmanned. You won't find any police officers sitting in the station. Privacy is very important to us all and some people can be daunted by the prospect of visiting a police station to report an incident. They can be afraid of communicating with police officers. However, the Smart Dubai Police station allows you to do everything by yourself. The station is open 24-hours a day and offers all the services you require through an automated system."

In addition to this, it was disclosed that the Dubai Police force have developed a smart application that was specifically designed to help those with special needs and citizens and residents who are blind. The application is easy to navigate and allows users to request emergency help at the touch of a button and also enables them to make calls much easier.

The proactive and ambitious Dubai Police department have also partnered with SIRI and announced they will integrate a new Virtual Intelligent Assistant system to replace the traditional call center service currently in place.

Al Razooqi said, "We've also partnered with SIRI in order to integrate our services with SIRI for the Dubai Police Application. This new collaboration will allow users to pay fines, report a crime or an accident or request emergency help.  We've also introduced a Virtual Intelligent Assistant system to replace our call center. You will be able to interact with it through voice and this will significantly reduce the current waiting times to speak to a police officer as the new system will be entirely automated."

The Director General declared that in Dubai nothing is impossible and said the force was gearing up to introduce driverless cars and RoboCops to the streets of the city. The robot police will be tasked with the responsibility of monitoring car parks and will also be utilized to patrol some of the busiest and most important areas in Dubai.

Al Mazooqi said, "There is nothing impossible here in Dubai. People have heard about RoboCops in the movies, but in Dubai we plan on making that a reality by deploying RoboCops across the city. Robots will monitor parking areas in the city and will be also be deployed to monitor certain places within Dubai. Some people think the introduction of RoboCops is some sort of futuristic nightmare, but they're here to assist and help and our main objective is to improve our services in order to make Dubai the safest and happiest city in the world."

One of the main gripes with those living and working in Dubai is urban congestion. There are a number of no-go areas at certain times. However, Dubai Police are working closely with the RTA in an effort to resolve the traffic woes that have plagued the city.

Al Mazooqi added, "We're working closely with RTA in order to tackle the traffic issues in specific areas of the city. We're aware that there are certain bottlenecks which are proving problematic and troublesome, but AI can help us analyze traffic patterns and will give us the opportunity to predict what the traffic is going to be like. We will also work with them in relation to traffic accidents to establish the nationality of the drivers involved, the cars and the driver's age in order to compile and submit reports on accidents quicker."

The AI chief at Dubai Police also jokingly quipped that data has indicated believe it or not that ladies have the lowest accident rate in Dubai, before confirming it is keen to accelerate the deployment of autonomous cars into the city. He added, "We will introduce driverless cars across the city. The driverless vehicles will have the capabilities to read plate numbers and it can also convey real-time information back to the control and command center.

Brig. Khalid Al Mazooqi concluded his brilliant in-depth presentation by making the astonishing claim that he estimates that by 2040 most of the crimes in the city will be committed by machines.