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Kuwait Fund floods Chinese development projects

Back in 1983, Faisal Al Khaled, then president of the Kuwait Arab Economic Development Foundation, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of “Xiamen International Airport”. The airport was the first project ever that China used foreign loans to build, a Kuwaiti government loan of 1267 million KD, for infrastructure construction and achieved great success.

Moreover, back in 2013, the Kuwaiti Minister of commerce and industry, Anas Saleh, and Kuwait’s Ambassador to China, Mohamed Zuweih and his entourage revealed the "China-Kuwait Friendship Monument" at Ningxia People’s Hospital which was China’s first hospital expansion project using the Kuwait Arab Economic Development Foundation concessionary loan. The loan agreement for this project was signed in 2006, with a value of 10 million KD.

Most recently, in November 10, 2020, a new signing ceremony was held, with a concessional loan of 10.3 million KD for the project of the new campus and high-speed railway technical training base project of the Kuwait Arab Economic Development Foundation to Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College.