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AI-powered road junctions to be deployed in Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has announced the deployment of AI-powered smart traffic management systems in an effort to encourage a greater uptake in greener modes of transport.

The initiative will enable the deployment of Vivacity Labs’ artificial intelligence (AI) technology at smart junctions to encourage more people travel by bike or on foot. The sensor specialist’s proprietary sensors have AI built into them which would allow for the TfGM to anonymously identify and classify the various types of road users at select traffic signals and junctions in order to prioritize different modes of transport wherever necessary.

By the end of 2021, the AI signal control system is expected to be deployed in 20 junctions across Manchester.

This initiative is also in line with moving towards more environmentally friendly modes of transport as it will undoubtedly reduce emissions and improve air quality. In addition to this, it will also reduce congestion and make transport a lot easier for the residents.

Richard Dolphin, TfGM’s highways network performance manager, said, “Hopefully, this development will continue into something that will positively disrupt the industry and revolutionize active travel in urban areas.”

The program has also been partly funded by Innovate UK and Immense Simulations and is meant to go on for three years.

Mar Nicholson, CEO of Vivacity Labs, said, “Since the pandemic, commuter trends and traffic hotspots have changed completely, and cities need AI to help protect people no matter what mode of transport they take. Our vision is to help cities implement critical policies addressing safety, air quality, sustainable travel, and congestion, at a hyper-local level.”