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Helsinki begins electric ferry trials

The ferry is able to carry around 6 passengers at a time and operates as a calling service through a mobile app.

The project is led by OmaStadi, the Finish capital’s participatory budgeting service which enables citizens to devise their own innovative ideas and vote for them. Prior to the implementation phase, the proposal for the ferry initiative received over 1500 votes.

Forum Virium, the city’s innovation company, decided to test the electric ferry in Vartisaari after identifying a need for it in that area.

The batteries of these ferries which are developed by Mente Marine, are charged overnight on the pier and also contain solar panels which collect energy.

Minttu Perttula, project manager for Helsinki Maritime Strategy, the company which has been working towards improving public access to the maritime sites available in the city, “This is really an interesting new experiment that will increase the recreational opportunities of city dwellers and visitors alike in the heart of Helsinki.”

“Many thanks to Helsinki’s participatory budgeting and those who originally came up with the idea in the OmaStadi service and made it possible for the idea to be implemented in practice. This kind of innovative outcome of a joint development between the city’s residents, experts and business sector is in itself a rather historical achievement,” she added.

Raimo Tengvall, Forum Virium Helsinki’s Mobility Launchpad’s project manager, stated, “It’s great to bring a Finnish vehicle of the future and a smart mobility service to be tested on the summer waves.”