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Huawei recognized for smart city developments in China

At the 10th Smart City Expo World Congress, hosted by SAMENA Telecommunications Council. Huawei won three World Smart City Awards and was nominated multiple times due to their relentless efforts in driving innovation through their smart city initiatives.

The city of Shenzhen was awarded the ‘Enabling Technologies Award’ for technology-enbled refined city governance and Shanghai was won the ‘City Award’ which recognizes world renowned smart cities. Additionally, Nanhai District of Foshan in Guangdong, China won the ‘Economy Award’ and the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), ), Zhengdong New District of Henan, Huangshan of Anhui were nominated for the ‘Inclusive and Sharing Cities Award’, ‘Innovative Idea Award’, and ‘Governance and Service Award and Economy Award’ respectively.

These awards and nominations recognized Huawei’s industry participation and appreciation in smart city development. During the event, Huawei also hosted the Smart City Summit under the theme of “Empowering the City Being with Intelligence and Vitality” in an effort to discuss further future plans for smart city development.

Yue Kun, President of the Global Government Business Unit of Huawei, said, "As we navigate further through the construction and development of smart cities, we have to concretely and practically begin a new stage of smart city development with our experience and vision. Given smart city is a new form of future city development, we need to focus on the core pain points of the city, adhere to a people-oriented concept, aim at the sense of acquisition and experience of urban services, and carry out horizontal connection and process reengineering. This process includes the overall planning of the business system, synergy across five major tech domains, the efficient connection of the data system and the sustainable development of the operating system. Only through the systematic construction of our happy home, can we build City Intelligent Twins and create a better city life together."