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SP Telecom partners with Nokia to build 5G network by 2020

SP Telecom has partnered up with Nokia to enable faster go-to-market products for 5G deployment in Singapore in order to make use of a network which is equipped with intelligence functionality to replace Singapore’s existing network infrastructure.

SP Telecom also plans to launch its Innovation Lab and Innovation Hub at the end of June which will act as platforms for its partners.

The partnership will mean that Nokia’s FP4-based Service Router, along with its optical transport an cloud software products, will be incorporated into the Singaporean Telco’s infrastructure to deploy the country’s first 5G-ready software defined network.

It is expected to be ready by 2020 when the data fiber network will enable 5G carriers to implement cloud-based virtual private networks (VPN) and other 5G offerings for their enterprise and government customers.

As for the Innovation Hub, SP Telecom said in a statement that it will serve as an experiential space for partners and customers to “experience and experiment with the actual pairing and testing of their solutions and applications on SP Telecom’s intelligent, data fiber network.” And the company also mentioned that it will be available for access upon invite only and that it will enable customers to “experience a day where their businesses are supported by the Software-Defined Networking-Network Function Visualization (SDN_NFV) network, the real-time and zero-touch through the Customer Service Portal”.

CEO of SP Telecom, Titus Yong, stated, ”We are well-poised to facilitate the rollout of 5G in Singapore, working closely with our technology partners to deliver a reliable, high-performance and seamless network for 5G players and their customers.”

“The Nokia solutions deliver a dynamic, highly scalable network for Cloud, Ultra-Broadband and IoT services in our partnership with Sp Telecom,” said Stuart Hendry, Nokia’s Head of Transport, Energy and Public Sector for Asia Pacific and Japan.