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Japan joins race towards 6G rollout

The government of Japan has started to draw up its 6G strategy and to set up a panel which will be dedicated to the technology.

According to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication Ministry, this panel will focus developing the technology and determining potential use cases and devising a standard policy pertaining to 6G.

The panel will be comprised of representatives from academia and private enterprises who will be consulted with regards to various industries to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by 6G.

It has been forecasted that 6G will be launched by 2030 and that it will even be around ten times faster than 5G.

In reference to the country’s 6G strategy, Communications Minister, Sanae Takaichi, stated, “The smooth introduction of standards for next-generation wireless communications networks is indispensable to boosting Japan’s international competitiveness.”

It has been reported that Japan aims to invest 220 billion yen ($2.03 billion) to the development of 6G.