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Californian cities take first steps towards implementing its ‘smart city’ infrastructures

The Californian cities of Berkeley and Palm Springs have announced that it will take its first steps towards implementing its 'smart city' infrastructures after reaching an agreement with 5 Bars Communities, which is a dba of XG Communities.

XG will manage the wireless coverage in both sun kissed cities and will oversee the construction of its respective 'smart city' infrastructures. XG's overall objective in Berkeley and Palm Springs is to leverage existing city assets in order to provide excellent wireless coverage and connectivity through its neighborhoods, roads and public places.

XG has established a stellar reputation for itself all across the United Sates for its ability to provide wireless master plans, asset marketing and engineering services for cities and municipalities in North America.

It's 'master plan' provides every community with a strategic roadmap that is designed to help cities implement a smart wireless infrastructure whilst retaining local control. The wireless marketing plan will optimize new city revenue sources from wireless infrastructure and carrier investments by establishing a predictable and repeatable process with local authority and control.

It has been projected that the wireless industry will deploy hundreds of thousands of small cells as wireless carriers densify existing networks across the US. However, this inevitably makes it difficult for cities to manage the application process. However, it has been disclosed that 5 Bars will act as an advocate for both Palm Springs and Berkeley.

n addition to this, it has been disclosed that 5 Bars has reached a multi-year agreement with both cities. Berkeley has a tradition for being a progressive city and has been previously ranked as one of the best places in the US to live. It's famous for being open to and introducing 'creative change' and that is evidenced by its leadership towards implementing 'smart city' infrastructures. Public representatives in Palm Springs, which is a hugely popular holiday resort, have stressed their desire to increase connectivity for both businesses and citizens.