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US city deploys digital technology to help people connect with their community

An Internet of Things powered media entity, Smart City Media, has announced that it has agreed to enter into a strategic partnership with Duke Energy One that will oversee the deployment of outdoor digital technology in Louisville.

The primary objective of the companies is to utilize the technology to help people to connect better with their community. The focus of the partnership is to deliver a digital ecosystem by providing local content, real-time information, and connectivity that elevate experiences for people and businesses through outdoor digital banners and kiosks.

The partnership leverages smart infrastructure, including connected devices, sensors, and data analytics, to improve quality of life for residents, enhance economic growth, and address urban challenges.

The Louisville deployment is the first of more than 10 municipal contracts the Smart City Media and Duke Energy One team plan to install this year in the US.

CEO of Smart City Media, Tom Touchet, said the innovative program represented an opportunity which enabled citizens in the community to be engaged with the technological advancements being made in their cities.

He said, "Cities are living, breathing hubs with a wide variety of place making needs as well as diverse constituencies. We want to make discovery easy for all the distinct individual neighborhoods that make up the city's lifeblood."

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer expressed his delight at the collaboration between Smart City Media and Duke Energy One. He said, "Our downtown is booming, and I'm thrilled with this innovative effort to keep our workers, residents and visitors informed about all of the great places and events to enjoy here. To grow as a city, you have to be inclusive, you have to be global and you have to be innovative. And, that is all happening here. City-Post has been working hard with the cities and the mayors across America. They are the richest in terms of content and you can really see that when you use the kiosk."

Louisville CityPost is a communication network that broadcasts content-rich, real-time, location-based information. "No one needs to search a directory, or yellow pages on a busy street. We want to make discovery easy for you. If we can save you five minutes on a commute or five bucks on a lunch special then we've done our job," added Touchet.