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Construction of new $900m ‘smart community’ underway in Canada

District Union will be located in the off-island suburb of Terrebonne situated at the crossroads of highways 40 and 640, which is a strategically placed interchange that provides accessible entry to Montreal.

District Union is the latest representation of a growing number of dynamic and innovative new communities labelled 'smart and organic' that are springing up predominantly in North America and Scandinavia. These communities are ambitious and are thoughtfully-planned and executed and are well-connected neighborhoods that aim to become true mobility hubs that have been specifically designed to improve the lives of its residents.

District Union has five key principles and components which are generational mix, community living, proximity, living well and time. These principles are more relevant today than ever, when one considers the multi-dimensionality of family life. In a constant battle with time, the necessity for better urban planning, modern design and technology is paramount.

It has been disclosed that these clever 'smart communities' will offer a variety of smart home features which include the Internet of Things, Energy Management, Smart Lighting and Connected Multimedia Intercoms. In addition to this, a mobile application will also enable knowledge sharing and facilitate the idea and concept of neighbors helping neighbors.

District Union will be erected in a socio-economically dynamic sector that has seen a 65% increase in employment which has resulted in the creation of 27,000 new jobs in the last five years. All these jobs have been formed within a 15 minute journey from District Union. CEO of REZ Real Estate, Real Bouclin said that the volume of people living in the surrounding areas would ensure the sustainability of the 'smart community' in the long-term.

He said, "The major investment by REZ Real Estate is taking shape in an area in full economic expansion, a focal point with connections to all major centres in Quebec and beyond.  With over two million people living within 30 minutes of our site, our long-term future as a sustainable community is assured."

The innovative project has also been designed to ensure harmony and coexistence between pedestrians and cyclists and also encourages physical activity by promoting active modes of transportation.