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Buenos Aires named as Latin America’s ‘smartest city’

The Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires has been named as the 'smartest city' in Latin America. The city has been recognized for its progressive digital innovation initiatives, sustainable policies and technology advancements - which has inevitably resulted in the city establishing itself as the leading 'smart city' on the continent.

In a list of the regions 'smartest cities' which was compiled by the IESE Cities, Buenos Aires ranked ahead of a number of notable cities that have adopted similarly aggressive policies towards 'smart city' projects and programs such as Santiago de Chile, Montevideo and Mexico City.

However, industry experts have claimed that what makes Buenos Aires standout from the rest is the digital enhancements it has made to its existing transportation industries that have brought public mobility into the future. The introduction of smartphone applications like 'smart parking' have significantly reduced urban congestion issues, whilst other applications like the BA-Taxi app which allows customers to book a ride-hailing service for its phone has all played a factor in making Buenos Aires residents become 'Digital Citizens'.

The progressive measures adopting by the Argentinian government in an effort to make Buenos Aires 'smart' has been warmly received by all who call the city its home. By embracing technology and innovation many businesses and citizens can see the many benefits the 'smart city' sector can have on the local economy. It has also become a hotbed for entrepreneurs and it is allowing businesses to flourish and grow in a way that did not exist in the past.

Some other contributory factors involved in helping Buenos Aires get named as Latin America's 'smartest city' is the improvements it has implemented in relation to address air quality issues and pollution levels which were causing great concern amongst its citizens. However, the introduction of over 1,000 'smart sensors' has combatted the issue and has allowed city officials to monitor the situation in a much more efficient and cost-effective way. The Argentinian capital has also created a Wi-Fi infrastructure in order to bridge the digital disparity for all its citizens.

Buenos Aires was chosen to host the 2017 Smart City Expo World Conference from Sept. 28 to 30, as a direct consequence for being named the continent's 'smartest city. The expo will be held in the centre, Centro de Convenciones Buenos Aires CEC. More than 100 of the world's leading companies and city representatives will descend on Buenos Aires during the three days of the conference to give a series of talks, panels and presentations to the more than 16,000 participants of the Expo. Nearly 600 cities will be represented, along with nearly the same number of exhibits and more than 400 speeches throughout the event. Over fifty satellite events will take place during the Expo period, all examining sustainable urban planning concepts, open government, digital innovation, city life and other Smart City themes.