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Big data: A force to be reckoned with in the time of COVID-19

Access to the latest and greatest in emerging technologies places us in a favorable position as a society when it comes to combatting the pandemic. COVID-19 has essentially affected the entire world, not just in terms of health, but has also placed many businesses and entire industries at risk and has forced us all to work and learn from home. This has caused quite the disruption and many organizations and governments across the world are working tirelessly to put an end to the crisis in recent months.

BAI Communications welcomes new Group CEO

BAI Communications has announced that global wireless communications executive Igor Leprince has been appointed to the role of Group Chief Executive Officer commencing 1st May 2020.

Singapore unveils national AI strategy

At Smart City Expo World Congress last week, Singapore launched its National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy in an effort to maintain its reputation for smart city technologies and to become a test-bed and global hub for AI solution development.

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