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USA, China and Japan set to lead 5G connectivity by 2025

Global technology superpowers China, the USA and Japan are set to have the highest number of 5G connections - with new research indicating that the trio of nations will lead the way by 2025. A report into which was conducted by Juniper Research - predicts that the three countries will account for 55% of all 5G connections by then.

SK Telecom successfully develops 5G signal booster

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest telecommunications provider, announced that it has successfully developed a 5G repeater, a means of boosting 5G signals, and applied it to its 5G trial network deployed near Gangnam Station in Seoul.

Huawei launches 5G-oriented mobile bearer solution ‘X-Haul’

Huawei officially released its 5G-oriented mobile bearer solution X-Haul on August 14. The solution has four core values: providing flexible access capabilities that can match the scenario of any site; implementing agile network operations based on a cloud architecture; enabling new service innovation through end-to-end network slicing; and supporting smooth evolution from 4G bearer networks to 5G bearer networks.

Taiwan’s 5G value chain expected to support 510K jobs in 2035

Qualcomm has released additional findings of a landmark study, The 5G Economy. The new research, conducted by leading industry and economic analysis firm IHS Markit, examines the potential economic impact of 5G for the Taiwan market.

Singtel, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE teaming up to deploy Massive MIMO at special events

Singtel announced plans to deploy Massive MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology commercially on its LTE-Advanced mobile network, to enhance mobile data speed experience by up to 200% at special events for its customers. A precursor to 5G technology, Massive MIMO is an advanced solution used to boost network capacity in highly dense environments.

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