Smart Cities

  • Huawei outlines five trends that can make cities 'smarter and safer'

    Rapid urbanization has made public safety a top priority of city governance. Governments worldwide recognize that urban safety plays a vital role in protecting people's lives and property, and is the cornerstone of economic growth in modern cities. To make cities smarter and safer, they are adopting innovative information and communications technologies (ICT) designed to prevent and react to evolving threats.

  • Huawei shares its vision for future cities in Qatar

    In line with the Qatari government's National Vision Strategy 2030, Global ICT leader Huawei shared its vision for future cities during the Arab Future Cities Summit Qatar that was held in Doha on April 11 - 12, 2017.

  • ICT Moscow grants open access to groundbreaking AI knowledge database

    ICT.Moscow, a digital platform devoted to tech-based solutions, has granted open access to an artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge base of practices relevant for multiple industry verticals and business practices.

  • India set to develop five new smart cities

    The government of India has voiced its plans to develop five new smart cities.

  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Ericsson sign agreement for smart city consulting

    Having transformed Istanbul into a 'city brand', Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has signed a cooperation agreement for a smart city consultancy project with Ericsson. Under the umbrella of the Istanbul Informatics and Smart City Technologies (ISBAK AŞ) company, the IMM and Ericsson will work together to achieve Istanbul's smart city vision and 2024 targets.

  • ITU deems Moscow a pioneer of smart sustainable cities

    The UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has published the results of its ‘United for Smart Sustainable Cities’initiative (U4SSC) which highlights Moscow’s efforts in digitally transforming the city, according to the Moscow Department of IT.

  • ITU to develop international standards for internet of things and smart cities

    Director of ITU's Telecommunications Standardization Bureau, Dr. Chaesub Lee, has confirmed that the ITU will seek to develop international standards for the internet of things and smart cities. Smart Cities World Forums magazine managed to secure an exclusive interview with Dr. Lee, who highlighted the progress the ITU is making towards defining 5G standards, and the benefits its KPI's are having for smart sustainable cities.

  • ITU’s digital drive towards net-zero future in cities

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report on cities and the importance of achieving a net-zero world.

  • Japan’s Seven Bank launches facial recognition system in ATMs

    Japan’s Seven Bank has recently partnered with NEC to introduce ATMs that implement facial recognition into their systems, incorporating biometric authentication along with a QR code scanner. This new system would not only allow banks to identify its customers, but also allow people to open bank accounts on the spot.

  • LA travelers introduced to TAPforce

    Commuters in LA will now have increased flexibility in how they choose to pay for travel, thanks to the new TAPforce smart card system.

  • Latin America gets its first ‘smart city’ as Panama leads the way

    The Mayor of Panama has declared his pride that the capital of Panama is Latin America's first 'smart city'. The global movement towards smart cities has been described as a phenomenon and South America has been slower than other continents in terms of embracing such a transformation. Cities all over the world are evolving as leaders attempt to shape a city that ultimately improves the lives of its residents.

  • Latin American cities join global coalition for clean air

    Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá have announced their plans to join the C40 Clean Air Cities Declaration in an effort to meet the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines for cleaner air.

  • Lebanon hosts regional workshop on the digital and smart transformation in Arab cities

    In an unprecedented initiative in Lebanon, the Municipality of Jounieh in collaboration with the Arab Forum for Smart Cities and under the patronage of the Lebanese Prime Minister- Designate Saad El Hariri, organized a workshop entitled "Digital and Smart Transformation in Arab Cities: Reality and Outlook".

  • Leuven deemed European Capital of Innovation

    The European Commission has deemed the Belgian city of Leuven as the continent’s capital of Innovation.

  • Lighting makeover for London bridges

    Lighting makeover for London bridges

    Fifteen of London’s iconic bridges are to be illuminated in a new “ground-breaking” project that will transform and invigorate the Thames riverfront. The Illuminated River Foundation and Signify have partnered together to provide connected LED lighting that will light up the historic landmarks via centrally managed software.More than 22,000 connected LED light points, capable of displaying over 16 million colours, will be used to create dynamic lighting effects in the city’s first holistic lighting strategy.

  • Mayor announces plans to provide 4G connectivity for commuters using London Underground

    Commuters have warmly welcomed the announcement made by city authorities that it will provide 4G connectivity for passengers using the London Underground from 2019 onwards. This latest program represents the latest in a series of initiatives being spearheaded by city officials, who are aiming to make London one of the world's 'smartest cities'.

  • Mayor outlines his ambition to make London the world’s-leading ‘smart city’

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has expressed his desire to see London become the world's leading 'smart city' during his address at London Technology week. The topic of 'smart cities' continues to dominate technology conferences and ICT exhibition - as government entities and city councils on a global basis examine ways in which they can implement technologies to make their cities 'smarter' for the benefit of its citizens and residents.

  • Miami is the world’s No.1 city for smart connected streetlights

    The sun-drenched city of Miami has been named as the world's leading city when it comes to implementing smart connected streetlights. Miami beat-off stiff competition from European cities Paris and Madrid to take top spot.

  • Microsoft launch ‘smart cities toolkit’ to help urban planners assist people with disabilities

    US technology giants Microsoft has made a number of exciting announcements at Smart Cities NYC 17 that are set to revolutionize the smart city sector. However, one announcement in particular struck a chord with many - and that was Microsoft's revelation that it has created a new accessibility toolkit specifically designed to help city officials, architects and urban planners design cities which would have inclusive features aimed at assisting people with disabilities.

  • Middle East airport to generate LED lighting

    Abu Dhabi International airport is set to launch a ‘first of its kind’ interactive walkway, which will convert the footsteps of passengers into electricity.