• French company plan to implement Solar Panel roads across four continents

    A French engineering company is currently testing the prospect of implementing solar panel roads across four continents - and the company plan to commercialize its cutting edge technology by 2018. A subsidiary of engineering company Bouygues, called Colas SA - is behind the innovative project and extensive testing is currently taking place at a test site in Tourouvre, Normandy.

  • French government announces plans to invest in India’s ‘Smart Cities Mission’

    The French government has announced that it will invest around 1.5 billion dollars in order to help accelerate the development of a number of projects that are set to commence in India as part of the country's ambitious 'Smart Cities Mission' program.

  • French start-up agrees deal with Iranian internet provider to deploy IoT services

    A French start-up company has agreed a deal with a leading Iranian network provider as they announced plans to roll-out IoT services across the country. Some of the services that will be made available to residents in Iran; include the introduction of Intelligent Transportation and gas meters you can monitor from your smartphone.

  • UK digital innovation firm calls for partners to help extend its IoT network

    Digital Catapult which is a leading UK digital innovation firm has issued an open call for prospective partners to help it extend its Internet of Things network across the United Kingdom. The firm which specializes in accelerating the application of digital technologies - has expressed its ambition to enhance the capabilities of the services it currently provides.

  • US state commences testing on driverless shuttle buses

    The Department of Transportation in the US state of Minnesota has announced that it has officially commenced trials of its new driverless bus shuttles. The US state becomes the latest in a whole host of North American cities to trial new autonomous technology which if tested successfully will be subsequently integrated into its public transportation sector.