• Abu Dhabi Crown Prince launches new defense conglomerate, Edge

    The government of the UAE has launched a new defense conglomerate called Edge in Abu Dhabi which aims to develop advanced technology for cyber protection, weapon systems and electronic warfare.

  • Abu Dhabi strengthens cybersecurity infrastructure with new initiative

    The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), in partnership with cybersceuirty company Trend Micro, launched the Cyber Defense Challenge.

  • African nation calls on private sector to invest in cybersecurity

    An African nation has appealed on the country's private sector to invest in cybersecurity to complement the government's ongoing efforts to combat the rise of cybersecurity. Kenya's ICT Ministry Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru has called for increased investment in cybersecurity following after another spike in incidences of cyber-crime which is harming the country's digital economy.

  • Airbus suppliers hit by series of cyberattacks

    Airbus, the European aerospace giant, fell victim to a series of cyberattacks by hackers who were trying to gain access to the company’s commercial secrets.

  • APAC to invest up to 30bn in cybersecurity spending by 2022

    IDC experts have forecasted that security investment in the region could potentially reach to $28.2 billion by 2022.

  • Bahrain’s national airline reinforces its network to combat DDoS attacks

    Gulf Air recently revealed a cybersecurity step-change as part of an ongoing campaign to safeguard its operations and deliver industry-leading customer service. The national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain has reinforced its network perimeter to pre-empt and combat Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, improve data centre and application-level security and further enhance data and access protection measures.

  • Bitdefender cybersecurity experts on threats and attack complexities in the cyberspace

    Attacks in the cyberspace in the Middle Eastern region are very much prominent and present. Bitdefender, the cybersecurity technology provider, has been at the forefront of providing organizations with robust security infrastructure to protect them against cyberattacks.

  • CIO of Moscow talks 5G and digital transformation

    In the era of digital transformation, Moscow appears to be among the leading cities that are rapidly evolving into smart nations. In a discussion with Smart Cities World Forums, the head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow, Eduard Lysenko, delved into the city’s digitalization journey which encompassed an update on Moscow’s 5G journey and the progress achieved thus far in terms of launching of e-services.

  • Connected cars: a golden safety opportunity or a hacker’s playground?

    The ‘connected’ car, while still in its early stages, is expected to improve traffic flow and most importantly, consumer safety. However, concerns have been on the rise about the cybersecurity element of these vehicles.

  • Consolidating trust in the digital age

    The global telecom industry is currently experiencing a new age in connectivity, with the impending introduction of the world’s fastest next-generation network, 5G. There is no doubt that this industry will experience yet another era of unprecedented opportunities and innovation.

  • Cybersecurity can make or break smart cities- here’s why

    It could be argued that without robust cybersecurity infrastructure in place, smart cities would do more harm than good and would be absolutely flawed.

  • Cybersecurity firm signs major deal with Manchester City

    Cybersecurity firm signs major deal with Manchester City

    Acronis, a global leader inhybrid cloud solutions, announced a global technology partnership with Manchester City Football Club. As part of the partnership, Acronis will help the Club to enhance and develop its data backup and storage capabilities.

  • Cybersecurity in the age of automation

    Digitalization has seeped its way into all areas of society in the postmodern world, namely in the developed world, be it politics or economics; it has changed our lives for the better in the ways that we interact with one another and go about our daily lives. While it has simplified a number of processes and enabled businesses to become more efficient, it has brought about a great deal of vulnerabilities that were not previously accounted for to organizations that use these new emerging technologies.

  • Cybersecurity market in South America estimated to reach 13bn by 2022

    The cybersecurity market in Latin America has been projected to almost double in size. Analysts have predicted that the sector which was estimated at $6.19bn will grow to $13.49bn by 2022.

  • Cybersecurity resilience in the pandemic-stricken digital era

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on entire industries. Working from home and adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been particularly challenging especially when cybersecurity is taken into account. Cybercriminals thrive in chaos and the chaos brought about by the pandemic caused cybercrimes to skyrocket at such an unprecedented rate. 

  • DFSA to launch cybersecurity platform for Dubai’s financial sector

    The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has announced a special platform which they have set up to ensure greater cybersecurity of financial firms within the city.

  • Dubai launches think-tank to tackle cybersecurity issues

    The Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) has announced the launch of the Dubai Cyber Think Tank, which aims to develop solutions to prevent cyberattacks and threats.

  • Equifax breach the latest in troubling hacking trend

    Large digital security breaches are a common occurrence in the corporate world today. The latest breach, experienced by consumer credit reporting agency Equifax, follows a trend of troubling hacks that have played out across the globe this year. It seems adversaries will stop at nothing to evolve their threats, move with even more speed, and find new ways to widen their operational space.

  • Ercan Aydin from Palo Alto Networks comments on the future of cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks showcased some of its latest offerings at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, where Smart Cities World Forums sat down with Ercan Aydin, the firm’s Regional Vice President, Middle East and Africa. In the interview, Aydin talked about the cybersecurity landscape of the region and what the future of the industry holds with regards to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

  • Etisalat partners with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority for Cyber Eye initiative

    Etisalat has collaborated with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) along with Trend Micro Incorporated to launch Cyber Eye – an initiative designed to strengthen the Abu Dhabi Government entities’ cybersecurity capabilities.