Autonomous car testing

  • African nation launch drone test center to help with humanitarian disasters

    Malawi has launched Africa’s first drone-testing center which has been established to explore how drone technology can help developing countries deal with humanitarian disasters or issues in its healthcare system. The project has been created following the collaboration between Malawi and UNICEF who hope the innovative drone technology can help regions cope with humanitarian crisis such as floods, or a breakout of a disease such as Ebola, or with regards to the healthcare sector it can help with the delivery of blood for HIV tests.

  • Blackberry launch autonomous vehicle innovation center in Canada

    Smartphone vendors Blackberry have officially unveiled a state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle innovation center. The fabulous new faculty will be housed within its QNX facility which is located in Ottawa, Canada. The ultimate purpose and vision for the center is to develop production-ready software aimed at accelerating the adoption of connected and self-driving vehicles.

  • Samsung given approval to begin testing its self-driving technology in South Korea

    South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has been given the green light to begin testing its self-driving technology on public roads in the country. The South Korean government gave the smartphone colossus permission to test out the new self-driving technologies it has developed. Samsung is the latest amongst a number of other companies that were granted approval to begin testing self-driving tech on the country's road.

  • Singapore is making the transition from successful city to smart nation

    The beautiful region of Singapore has always been a place that has the intrinsic ability to blend both tradition and modernity. It has always braced modernity - and just over two years ago government officials announced their proposals for a program which was entitled Smart Nation.