• Alphabet plans to create the neighborhood of the future in Toronto

    Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google parent-company Alphabet Inc., officially unveiled its plan for a massive technology-driven neighborhood on Toronto's waterfront that it hopes will become a blueprint for the future, but which has already generated controversy.

  • Google moves forward on autonomous driving vision

    Google has yet again reiterated its desire to develop a new way of mobility following the announcement that it will rebrand its self-driving car unit. Management at Google have made a series of decisions in the last number of months which illustrate clearly its desire to ramp up operations in relation to autonomous driving technology.

  • Google’s efforts to build ‘smart city’ on Toronto waterfront sparks row

    A plan by US technology colossus Google to construct a 'smart city' on Toronto's waterfront has sparked row, with many locals expressing their frustration at the lack of transparency in relation to the project. A few months ago, Google's Sidewalk Labs announced intentions to construct a 'smart city' on the Canadian city's famous waterfront.

  • Google’s plans to expand drone delivery service encounters turbulence

    Google's aspirations to extend the reach of its innovative drone delivery service has encountered a number of issues and plans to begin a wider launch of the product that have been put on hold. Google's parent company Alphabet, a leading software company, has revealed its ambitious plan for a marketplace that could order anything from a coffee to toilet paper and have it within minutes.

  • Project Loon and SES restoring connectivity in Puerto Rico

    Project Loon, a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to extend Internet connectivity to people in rural and remote areas, developed by Alphabet subsidiary 'X' (formerly Google X), has been working with satellite company SES to restore 4G/LTE connectivity to disaster-stricken Puerto Rico.

  • Project Loon sets foot in Kenya

    The first commercial deployment for Project Loon - the "balloon-powered internet" being developed by Google parent Alphabet - is headed for Kenya, said the US tech giant.

  • Ride-hailing giants move to compete in electric scooters space

    Uber made a move into electric scooters, as the ride-service giant agreed to a strategic partnership with Lime, one of the major players in the fast-growing segment.

  • Toronto Mayor expresses concern over Google’s new ‘digital city’

    US technology colossus Google is courting controversy in Toronto over its plans to construct a new digital city in Toronto's Eastern waterfront, in a regeneration project described as being a model of 21st century urbanism.

  • US aviation firm ‘lands’ drone certification license  

    A US aviation firm has secured a major victory after being certified by the Federal Aviation Authority to become the first drone operator in the world to be officially recognized as an airline.