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Tesla’s latest ‘electric car’ has quicker acceleration than a Porsche and a Ferrari!

Tesla has a reputation for producing vehicles capable of quick-acceleration, but they want its cars to be even faster. Its latest model 'electric car' just clocked acceleration times than beat a Porsche and a Ferrari!

Tesla's latest production model Tesla SP100D accelerated from 0-60 miles per-hour in a dizzying 2.28 seconds in a recent test conducted by Motor Trend. The phenomenal speed of the latest electric model from Tesla even caught the American automakers by surprise.

This is the first production car it's ever tested to crack the 0-60mph acceleration threshold in less than 2.3 seconds. To put a bit of perspective on this, the P100d beat the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the La-Ferrari.

The Tesla vehicle hit those mesmeric speeds while in 'Ludicrous and Easter Egg mode' Tesla's turbo mode is called 'Ludicrous' in homage to video game Spaceballs.

In order to prepare for a run in the mode - you have to go through a number of procedures worthy of a video game cheat mode. Hold down the 'Ludicrous' button and initiate 'launch-control mode' with a few pedal presses and when you release the brake pedal you literally take off like a rocket.

Analysts have moved quickly to point out that the P100D may not be the new car of choice for those who love fast cars. Motor Trend has stated that the Tesla car hits higher speeds more slowly than other cars. For example, if you were running the new Tesla model beside the Porsche - the Porsche would be travelling almost seven mph faster by the quarter-mile mark!

However, the P100D is both commercially available and cheaper than the comparable Porsche and Ferrari. It won't be hitting supercar-worthy top speeds any time soon, but it's worth considering if you want that "get up and go" factor.