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US tech leader builds AI-inspired customer experience center in Dubai

Recognizing Dubai as the epicenter for innovation in region, Avaya Holdings Corp has announced that it will be building on its long-standing relationship with the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)…

Flying taxis expected to take to the skies by 2025

According to some experts who gathered earlier this week in Texas for the South by Southwest Festival, flying taxis may indeed become a reality soon and they are expected to…

Toyota announces new aspects of collab with NVIDIA for autonomous vehicles

Toyota and NVIDIA are working together and using each others’ resources and research facilities to better their program for autonomous vehicle development.

Verizon reveals first US cities to have 5G access

Verizon has announced that it will be launching mobile 5G services in Minneapolis and Chicago next month.

Dubai amongst top five world leaders in smart city tech

Dubai has been rated as one of the top five cities in using smart technology to better the lives of its residents, according to the latest Smart Cities Index.

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