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Hong Kong privacy commissioner talks regulation in Asia

The rise of emerging information-related technology and its ubiquity pose a very serious concern: how much privacy do we really have? There have been growing concerns about the pace at…

Connected cars: a golden safety opportunity or a hacker’s playground?

The ‘connected’ car, while still in its early stages, is expected to improve traffic flow and most importantly, consumer safety. However, concerns have been on the rise about the cybersecurity…

Scalable smart meter data management deemed necessary for water conservation

Smart water meters produce an enormous amount of data so meter data management (MDM) systems are essential when it comes to converting the data into insights that will prove useful…

Brazilian operator expands edge cloud capability with Nokia AirFrame

TIM Brazil has selected Nokia AirFrame servers featuring new, 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors to virtualize its datacenters by the end of 2021.

Dubai deemed global pioneer in smart mobility

Industry leaders say Dubai is now a global pioneer for the use of autonomous vehicles as part of a futuristic transport network.

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