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General electric: an empire on the verge of falling

127 years of triumph for the American General Electric (GE) might be facing today a spectacular fall.

Intel gears up for future with new AI-focused chip

Intel Corp release its latest processor, a chip known as Nervana NNP-I or Springhill and is designed to be used in large computer centers and will be the first of…

Rethinking data privacy regulation for the tech Renaissance era

As we move towards a more digitalized future, concerns continue to grow about consumer privacy. Are legal systems adapting to the fast-paced age of emerging tech?

Singapore set to trial autonomous shuttle buses through mobile app

Singapore, a renowned test-bed for self-driving vehicles, plans to launch a public trial of driverless buses which can be booked through an app.

Facebook announces new updates to enhance Instagram security

Facebook is announcing two updates to further strengthen Instagram’s security and help protect people who use the platform.

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