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US tech giant invests in electric vehicle startup

US e-commerce behemoth Amazon has become the latest technology leader to join the self-driving race following its decision to invest $700m in an electric vehicle startup company.

UK University launches ‘Smart City’ Mobility Centre

US technology behemoth Google has announced that it will spend $13bn in expanding its US data centre network.

Hong Kong releases spectrum roadmap for 5G

Hong Kong’s Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) has finally released a spectrum roadmap for 2019-2021.

Report claims GCC could save billions by switching to ‘smart grids’

The GCC could save up to US$ 10 billion in infrastructural investment in the coming year through the use of smart grids, according to the MENA Power Industry Outlook.

US Governor proposing radical new legislation on data in Silicon Valley

A newly elected US Governor is proposing radical new legislation that will tackle how data is controlled in Silicon Valley.

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