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US Postal Service to begin self-driving tests

The US Postal Service has confirmed that it will begin to embark upon a series of self-driving tests as part of the company’s overall strategy to embrace automation.

Smart Dubai explores prospect of decentralized data in smart cities’

Smart Dubai released a report titled ‘Decentralized Data for Dubai’ within which it has partnered up with Outlier Ventures to explore the prospect of using data, the fourth industrial revolution,…

TalkTalk data breach exposed as customer details found online

TalkTalk has failed to inform 4,545 customers that during the 2015 data breach, their personal information was stolen, including bank account details.

Deutsche Telekom sets up municipal council for smart infrastructure solutions

Deutsche Telekom has been working with representatives from various municipalities and cities to accelerate digitization in Germany.

UAE consumers increasingly trust digital payments over cash, according to survey

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, and the world’s leader in digital payments, Visa (NYSE: V), today launched ‘Stay Secure,’ a consumer education campaign that aims to promote…

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