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Mexico addresses need for digital transformation by launching new tech hub

Mexico has taken its first steps towards addressing its need to embrace digital transformation by launching a new tech hub in the city of Monterrey.

The primary objective of the government-supported initiative is to position Monterrey as the country's leading technology metropolis in an effort to accelerate its digital transformation program.

Monterrey Digital Hub has assembled a group of companies and academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and digital talent which are committed to revolutionizing organizations and communities through technology and digital business models.

These include Alfa, Arca Continental, Banorte, Cemex, Deacero, Femsa, IBM, Neoris, Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL), and University of Monterrey (Udem) which share the vision of promoting Mexico's transformation through corporate innovation, collaboration with entrepreneurial ecosystems, and the development of digital talent to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the global environment.

The hub provides spaces that are specifically designed to create a digital transformation community that facilitates a fast and dynamic learning system enabled by digital technologies. The organizational and community transformation generated by the Monterrey Digital Hub is expected to position the city of Monterrey on the level of key tech hubs globally.

"At Arca Continental, we consider digitalisation as a way to deliver an excellent service and know our customers better," said José Borda Noriega, commercial and digital executive director of Arca Continental.

"This is why we joined this initiative that integrates talent, commitment, and leadership with the objectives to foster an innovation ecosystem that strengthens the regions' competitiveness."

"At Deacero, we are aware of the need of digital innovation both in our company and our country to foster a robust economic growth," added Raúl Martínez Gutiérrez Muguerza, CEO of Deacero.

"The Monterrey Digital Hub brings us the opportunity to participate in an ecosystem where this innovation can blossom and spead through our company and the country. We are strongly committed and happy to be part of this initiative."

"The Monterrey Digital Hub is a groundbreaking initiative in a city known to be fearlessly driven by the changes generated by the technological evolution, said Rogelio Garza, rector of the UANL.

"It is a unique concept located in a space that encourages creativity, that ignites disruptive ideas to generate new alternatives to shorten the transition to the development of new digital business models in a collaborative way, under open innovation processes, with the best talent."