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Google Cloud Platform offers users continuous security and compliance with Qualys

Qualys, a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, today announced that it has extended its single-pane view of security and compliance posture into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users can now scan their GCP workloads along with all other global elastic-cloud and on-premise assets from within the Qualys Cloud Platform.

Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance (QVSA) can now be directly deployed from the Google Cloud Launcher to GCP. With a single click, GCP users can create QVSA instances for Google Compute Engine (GCE) across all GCP regions. They can also embed Qualys Cloud Agents into their GCE images for a continuous view of security and compliance state.

Organizations that deploy workloads in the cloud must expand their security practices into that infrastructure as part of a shared security responsibility model. QVSA for Compute Engine simplifies deploying Vulnerability Management, ThreatPROTECT, Web Application Scanning and Policy Compliance to those workloads. By utilizing Qualys sensors across Google Cloud, users can gain a view of their perimeter, which combined with internal network scanning creates continuous visibility and security of their workloads.

By deploying Qualys Cloud Agent and Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliances across its Google Cloud infrastructure, a Fortune 50 retailer has enabled multiple business units to easily secure their workloads in the cloud. Qualys' seamless coverage of all endpoints and assets delivers this customer a single-pane view of security posture across both cloud and on-premises infrastructure powering thousands of stores.

"The availability of Qualys on Google Cloud Platform offers our customers consistent security tools across private and public clouds as they migrate, deploy and evolve workloads," said Adam Massey, Director, Strategic Technology Partners, Google Cloud.

"Qualys continues to extend the reach of our cloud platform to give customers continuous security and visibility for all their global assets whether on premise or in the cloud," said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys, Inc. "We are pleased to work with Google to get our scanner appliance certified and tightly integrated with GCP, helping customers embed security within their digital transformation initiatives."