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Casio sets the standard for smart education in the Middle East

CASIO Middle East has announced the arrival of the 4000-lumens WUXGA projector Superior Series XJ-S400 models which feature a range of technological advances that are set to facilitate teaching in the region’s classrooms. Designed with the educator in mind, Superior Series projectors are optimized for the modern classroom, boasting easy, single-step set-up as well as a Moderator Function that allows for greater student participation.

As part of its Educational Solutions concept, Casio developed the Superior Series projectors by surveying teachers and IT managers at over 40,000 schools where Casio projectors are in use to identify everyday challenges faced by educators and determine the ideal performance characteristics of tomorrow’s classroom projectors. In order to make lesson management smoother and more efficient every stage of a class was considered during the design process, from preparation to in-class collaboration to simplifying the tidying up process.

The Super Series of Casio Projectors offer industry leading green technology that provide a reduced environmental impact as well as a lower total cost of ownership. Casio’s unique optical engine combines a laser with LED, meaning that the light source is entirely mercury-free and has a lifetime of approximately 20,000 hours. Coupled with the energy saved by its laser and LED technology, the optical engine’s low maintenance reduces costs usually associated with other projectors and allows funds to be focused on learning.

Koji Naka, Managing Director of CASIO Middle East, said: “With the advent of IT education, which integrates digital contents and the Internet into the classroom, instructors need projectors that facilitate easier, more efficient teaching styles. We’ve spoken with educators from all over the Middle East and beyond and have used their unique insight in the design of these projectors. They don’t want to use classroom time to focus on fiddling with a difficult-to-use projector. They want to involve students more in the class. Our Educational Solutions projectors free teachers from their PC desk and allow them to circulate among the students to facilitate learning.”

One Click Connection

Wireless projection can be completed by simply clicking on the dedicated icon for each classroom. Less time is needed for chores like cable connection, input switching, and wireless setup. Creation of the icons and the wireless connection setup can be collectively managed on a browser by the IT manager.

Moderator Function

Teachers can collectively control projected content from up to 40 devices. Teachers are able to use their own smartphone or tablet to select and project the student’s PC from anywhere in the classroom. Also, four PC screens can be projected at the same time, which is useful in comparing content and for discussions.

PC Remote and Projector Remote

The PC on the teacher’s desk and the projector can be controlled remotely from the teacher’s smartphone or tablet, so there is no need for the teacher to constantly return to their desk to operate the PC, nor to carry a projector controller. The teacher can circulate among the students to maximize learning.

Auto Projection OFF

With Auto Projection OFF, the projector display automatically turns off when projection input signals are no longer detected. This happens, for example, when the projection app is closed or stopped, or the cable is pulled out in case of cable connection. Projection resumes immediately if the projector detects input signals again within twenty minutes. The projector power source will also turn off automatically twenty minutes after the projector display is turned off.