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‘Perfect visualisation tool’ will enable planners to select street lighting

Signify’s new Philips Urban VR experience will allow city planners to visualize and test different lighting designs for their streets and buildings. Users will take a journey down a virtual street where they can observe the different effects of Phillips street light luminaires and the patterns they cast.

The VR app also features a virtual city centre, park and residential area. The interactive experience allows city managers and planners to make more informed decisions when selecting the lighting that’s best for their city or town.

“Lighting is a visual medium. This innovative app lets potential customers step into a virtual world where they can see how lighting and different designs – such as patterns cast by the different luminaires – will look to citizens,” said Chris Damkat, VR Specialist at Signify.

“Designers, managers and smart city planners can see for themselves and feel assured about their choices. Today’s virtual reality technology is more affordable and accessible than ever before. It engages the senses, making it the perfect visualisation tool.”

Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, has also developed a VR experience app for retail customers. Users can step into a virtual fashion store with 3D rendering and see first-hand how lighting can make shop windows more dynamic to attract a shopper’s attention and draw footfall into the store.