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UK manufacturer partners with tech firm in bid to improve safety in self-driving cars

A leading UK automotive manufacturing company has partnered with a technology firm in an effort to improve vehicle safety in self-driving cars. Delphi Automotive PLC, which specializes in automotive parts - has announced that it has made a minority investment in Israeli-based laser-based sensor firm Innoviz Technologies.

Delphi formally made the announcement last week - and the move is seen as the latest attempt by the UK manufacturer which is headquartered in Kent, to accelerate its effort to develop a safety platform designed specifically for autonomous vehicles.

The Israeli's innovative LiDAR technology enables self-driving cars to identify objects at far distances, which also allows them to travel at high speeds safely. Analysts and self-driving experts have expressed their belief that LiDAR is a crucial component that needs to be implemented in all autonomous vehicles. In addition to this, Innoviz has cutting-edge sensors such as cameras and radars that enhance the overall capability of the self-driving car.

The race to deploy self-driving technology is continuing to intensify, with more and more car manufacturers combining efforts to accelerate the process by joining automotive and technology consortiums. Every company is looking for an edge in the area of autonomous development which represents the future of the car industry.

Car manufacturers are investing in sensors that can help self-driving cars navigate on roads with poor or faded lane markings and potholes. Delphi, which has also remained committed and focused on self-driving vehicles and advanced safety systems, has been benefiting from continued automaker interest.

Innoviz, is still in its infancy and is less than a year old, it was formed in January 2016, following significant investment from Vertex Venture Capital and Magma Venture Partners.