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US operator deploys AI in bid to resolve customer service issues

US telecommunications colossus T-Mobile has taken the decision to implement AI into its customer care system in a bid to resolve a number of issues it is currently having with its customer service. The new customer care tool deployed by the US operator has been specifically designed to speed resolution of complex problems by applying Artificial Intelligence.

The innovative platform is being provided by network automation firm TUPL. The tool collects network and performance data and can identify and detect issues with the system. If an issue is flagged, the platform can recommend customer care actions which are based on aggregated operator engineering knowledge.

A representative for TUPL has claimed that its AI-enabled platform is 100 times faster and up to four-times more accurate than legacy resolution methods.

In addition to this, it was disclosed that its tool allows up to 80% of customer care tickets to be automatically processed without increasing engineering workloads. The network automation firm has an automatic customer complaint resolution that covers technical issues including network faults and congestion, coverage and handset problems.

T-Mobile's SVP of Technology Service Delivery and Operations, Brian King, said the AI-powered tool can allow the operator to respond to customers encountering technical issues in a much faster and efficient way.

The agreement to deploy TUPL's AI tool is the latest move in T-Mobile's efforts to strengthen and streamline its customer care operations. In October 2017, the operator's EVP of customer care Callie Field outlined the company's focus on providing easy avenues to solve user problems. The strategy, she said, helped reduce the number of care call from six in 2011 to just over four in 2017.