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French city to become one of the world’s AI leaders

The Federal University Toulouse-Midi-Pyrenees (UFTMP) wants to make Toulouse "one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence" thanks to Aniti, a super-pole project dedicated to this field and bringing together laboratories and companies.

"With the creation of the Aniti Institute (Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute), it is a real system of organization around the research in artificial intelligence" that the UFTMP proposes, states the university.

The project brings together higher education institutions, research organizations and industrial partners.

While Toulouse hosts the second largest gathering of researchers in France (6800 in the public), the project intends to rely on the "artificial intelligence forces" already developed in the region, particularly concerning a type of artificial intelligence called "hybrid".

33 of the 143 laboratories of UFTMP are already involved in experiments on this artificial intelligence which mixes logic reasoning and classical learning by deduction, in order to "build a more reliable artificial intelligence".

UFTMP already has 23 higher education institutions, 1 university hospital and 7 research organizations in 11 cities. With Aniti, it aims to "double the number of students trained on AI by 2023" and "significantly increase the number of doctors" in the same field.

This super-pole will better "integrate the needs of industry" and strengthen research. "The results in research and development can in particular be exploited in transport, environment and health sectors," says the UFTMP in its statement.