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Global leader in connected street lighting joins Smart Cities Council

Telensa, a British IoT firm which is the global leader in driving connected street lighting and Smart City Applications has today confirmed that it has joined the Smart Cities Council. The Smart Cities Council is the world's premier consortium of smart city practitioners and experts. Boasting over 120 members that helped contribute to over 10,000 projects.

The addition of Telensa will significantly strengthen the consortium of the Smart Cities Council - and it has been disclosed that the British IoT firm joins the council as a North America Lead Partner and will be tasked with the responsibility of working with the industry coalition sharing its experiences and expertise to advance development and innovation.

Telensa's brings an impressive portfolio to the table - it is the market leading Central Management System (CMS) for streetlights, with over 50 city and regional networks deployed in eight countries - and contains a project footprint that spans over a million streetlights. They have the world's largest deployment of streetlights in the US.

Telensa's clever system enables a state-wide control and monitoring of street lighting, and also allows for the localized customization of lighting levels and provides a city-wide platform for low-cost sensor applications. Industry analysts, Northeast Group named the IoT experts as the clear global market share leader in the smart connected street lighting systems sector, and claimed that its success was founded on a robust end-to-end solution, with a proven business strategy built on energy and maintenance cost saving for cities.

Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, Jesse Berst described the addition of Telensa to the consortium as 'significant',  he said: "Telensa brings a huge amount of real-world experience in creating Smart Cities, gained through deploying commercial streetlighting networks at mass scale across the globe," said Jesse Berst, Chairman of the Smart Cities Council. "This experience is a significant addition to our community and we are delighted to welcome Telensa's expertise which will help accelerate initiatives with municipalities across North America."

Jack Hanley, VP Sales North America at Telensa, expressed his delight at joining the world's premier consortium of smart city leaders and visionaries, he said: "We are delighted to be joining the Council alongside such an illustrious group of companies leading the move to embed technology into the heart of cities," said Jack Hanley, VP Sales North America at Telensa. "We look forward to sharing our real-world experiences from deploying and operating networks to drive collaboration and co-operation in the development of Smart Cities around the world."