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Malaysia develops ‘Medibot’ to ensure safety in virus wards

Scientists in Malaysia have created mobile robots aimed at making rounds in the country’s hospital wards to carry out regular check-ups on COVID-19 patients and to minimize the risk of infection in heakth workers.

The robot, also known as “Medibot”, is about five foot tall and is comprised of a camera, a thermometer and screen through which patients are able to remotely communicate with medics. This helps medical staff maintain social distancing.

The robot which was developed by the International Islamic University Malaysia, cost about $3500 to develop. Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, a member of the team behind the invention, has stated that it will be trialed in their very own private hospital first, with future plans to use the technology in government hospitals where COVID-19 patients are sent, if proven successful.

As of yet, Malaysia has 4683 cases which include 76 deaths.