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Honda to develop electric car that is capable of generating its own emotions!

Honda has announced that it's set to create a concept and embark on a new development that will enable them to produce an Al-powered electric car that can incredibly generate its own emotions. It has also been disclosed that the Japanese manufacturer will unveil the NeuV experimental vehicle at the CES event in Las Vegas early next year.

Honda had released a teasing statement to the technology industry in a press release in July, in which it confirmed the automaker had been working with third-party companies in an effort to build an 'emotion engine' that stimulates interaction between drivers and vehicles.

Attendees at the CES in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to get a hands-on demo with the innovative technology that is set to redefine mobility experience as we know it. It has been muted that NeuV will be automated and is specifically designed for commuters.

Honda issued the following announcement: "Honda will feature interactive and immersive experiences designed to showcase a future technology path toward a redefined mobility experience. Through this joint research project, Honda and SoftBank will strive to enable mobility products to utilize conversations with the driver, together with other information obtained from various sensors and cameras installed on the mobility product, both to perceive the emotions of the driver and to engage in dialogue with the driver based on the vehicle's own emotions."

Telsa have slowly conquered the electric vehicle market, with automakers having gradually made the transition into manufacturing their own electric cars. This incredibly exciting announcement from Honda has the tech world intrigued as the Japanese manufacturing giants look to shake things up in the industry with the launch of the Al-powered electric vehicle. There will be plenty of prying eyes at CES in January as Honda officially unveils NeuV.