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Toyota to begin mass production of electric vehicles in China by 2019

Japanese multinational car manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corp has confirmed that it will begin its production of electric vehicles on a mass scale in China by 2019. In addition to this, the automotive colossus which is headquartered in Aichi, declared that the electric model it plans to produce will be manufactured for the Chinese market solely.

Toyota's electric model will be based on the C-HR sport utility vehicle, and analysts have predicted that the Japanese conglomerate recognizes that there is a lucrative opportunity being presented in the region due to the policies and initiatives set to be imposed by the Chinese government.

China has been plagued by air pollution issues for years, and the Chinese government has decided to become pro-active in its attempts to alleviate the health and environmental concerns posed by the harmful toxic emissions from its large nationwide manufacturing industry. It has also constructed a number of solar farms across the country in order to promote clean energy.

However, the Chinese government has outlined its ambition that one-fifth of its car sales will be made up by electric or hybrid vehicles by 2025, and plans to introduce staggered quotas next year. Toyota Motor Corp has identified an opportunity - and is preparing to stamp their authority in the sector by launching a mass production of electric vehicles in China by 2019.

Analysts are predicting that the pace of production by Toyota is likely to be determined by regulations and subsidies, although it expects the annual output by the Japanese manufacturer to start with more than several thousand units.

Spokesman for Toyota, Ryo Sakai confirmed the company's plans to develop EVs for China, but declined to comment on any future manufacturing plans. He said, "We are going to introduce EVs in China with a few years. However, we don't talk about any future product plans."