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Sydney deploys intelligent transport management system

Transport for New South Wales awarded Cubic a USD 35 million contract to deliver to Sydney an advanced transport management system that will put the city on the map as a global leader in multi-modal transport management operations, said Matt Cole, Cubic president. The Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP) contract is for a term of five years and seven months, with options for two three-year extensions.

The new system will enable the monitoring and management of the road network across New South Wales (NSW), coordinate the public transport network across all modes, improve management of clearways, plan major events and improve incident clearance times, while providing real-time information and advice to the public about disruptions.

Cubic will work with its partners WSP, PTV Group, Mentz and Microsoft to deliver the platform integrating the operational management systems for all modes of transportation in the Sydney area, coupled with the most up-to-date data, statistics and intelligence on transport operations.

"[It] will enable Cubic to commercialize this new technology and bring additional innovation to Transport for New South Wales, enabling the organization to remain at the forefront of transport management technology. It will also create a whole new stream of high-tech jobs in NSW, producing ground-breaking innovations that we can export to the world," said Matt Cole, president of CTS.

"Cubic has been involved in traffic management in Sydney since prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympics," added Tom Walker, senior vice president and managing director of CTS Asia-Pacific.

"The world's cities have become far more complex in the last 20 years and transportation planners now need to deal with a range of new opportunities and challenges while preparing for a hybrid future, which will likely include the introduction of autonomous vehicles."