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Samsung SDS collaborates with Telensa for smart city solutions

Samsung’s global IT solution and service provider plans to collaborate with the smart city data firm, Telensa, on a street lighting project and its Urban Data Project.

 The aim of the partnership between the two companies is to deliver smart city and data solutions globally.

The first collaboration will focus on smart city projects in Korea before it moves onto wide deployments in the Asia Pacific region and the US.

Telensa’s PLANet streetlight control application will be used with the cooperation of Samsung SDS’s Brightics ioT platform. The companies stated that the combination of these technologies will enable cities to realize energy savings and will permit access to a ‘vast ecosystem’ of sensor applications.

Samsung SDS will use its Brightics IoT, their data collecting, AI-powered platform which collects and analyzes big data.

Additionally, Samsung SDS’s expertise in areas like 5G and blockchain will need streetlight access to deploy their solutions.

Telensa CEO, Will Franks, stated “We’ve been working with cities around the globe to make millions of streetlights smart, and now we’re providing chief data officers with the tools to protect and use urban data and engage with new technologies like 5G mobile.”

He added, “We are excited to  be working with Samsung SDS [which] brings gloal reach, product innovation and deep expertise from IoT to 5G

Franks added that Telensa was excited to work with Samsung SDS as it brings global reach, innovates products and a deep expertise and knowledge about 5G, IoT and many other areas.

Telensa’s City Data Guardian and Samsung SDS’s Brightics IoT will be integrated to work on the Urban Data Project.

“Brightics IoT will provide effective data collection and analytics, which will lead to improved quality of life for citizens. By combining the capabilities of both companies, Samsung SDS plans to further explore new possibilities to adopt the latest information technologies including AI and blockchain,” said Sean Im, Samsung SDS Senior VP of Solution Business Division.

“We are delighted to be working with Telensa to enable cities to protect their urban data assets on behalf of their citizens,” he added.

According to the companies, urban data is actually the ‘mosaic’ which provides information minute-by-minute, making up a city’s digital twin. This includes mapping of how people use the city space, traffic on the roads, air quality and noise levels.

In order to develop better city infrastructure, the partners believe that this data is highly valuable and very important. They believe that this will enable them to deliver more efficient services to the respective city and that the transparency will work towards empowering the citizen.

This sort of data could also be greatly beneficial for industries such as retail, insurance and real estate.

The issue of trust surrounds the use of urban data in cities and so does the cost of moving raw video data to the cloud and to install the single-purpose scanners.

The Urban Data Project will work towards solving such issues. Telensa’s City Guardian is actually a trust platform which gives cities the ability to apply privacy policies that are transparent, meaning that they would comply with data regulations and ethics, and will make sure that data is available to improve services which will increase citizen satisfaction and drive future revenues to the city.

Multi-sensor pods will be installed on street lampposts which will enable video and radar to work together efficiently to produce a more complete picture. The pods will be AI-powered and machine learning will collect data in real-time.