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UK digital innovation firm calls for partners to help extend its IoT network

Digital Catapult which is a leading UK digital innovation firm has issued an open call for prospective partners to help it extend its Internet of Things network across the United Kingdom. The firm which specializes in accelerating the application of digital technologies - has expressed its ambition to enhance the capabilities of the services it currently provides.

It aims to expand its project entitled 'Things Connected' which is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) that is projected to deliver network coverage in up to at least five additional regions in the UK. This development will potentially lead to the creation, development, testing and deployment of new IoT services and applications. It's innovative 'Things Connected' program was launched in 2016, and its network currently serves areas across Greater London, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Bradford. However, Digital Catapult which works closely with the UK innovation agency, Innovate UK, will look to broaden its services with the proposed investment of £540,000 into regional network consortia invited to bid for this opportunity.

Selected partners will be allowed to use the investment to run innovation initiatives for UK start-ups and scale-ups in order to develop new Internet of Things solutions and applications that will address real business and economic challenge.

In addition to this, Digital Catapult have disclosed that those successful in bidding for the investment to expand its IoT network that it will provide them with necessary equipment such as LPWAN gateways, training on the installation of configuration gateways and marketing and brand support.

Selected partners can also implement and operate a free-to-use regional LPWAN network which enables new product testing, experimentation, demonstration and the subsequent piloting of the Internet of Things services and products.

LPWAN enables long-range wireless data communication between connected devices, even in areas that are underserved in relation to connectivity and are difficult to reach. Its versatility and diversity combined with its low running costs presents great opportunities for all organizations - ranging from enterprises interested in asset tracking and inventory control to councils looking to monitor social infrastructure. CEO of Digital Catapult Dr. Jeremy Silver outlined his vision behind the new project, declaring that it represented a massive opportunity for the UK, and said it was both imperative and crucial that it extends its IoT network in order to expand its services and increase the UK's strength on the global market.

He said, "Through our Things Connected program, we are building an ecosystem to foster the development of new innovative products and services and increase the number of UK companies delivering on the Internet of Things. Extending the initiative to become more of a nationwide program is a critical step in this journey. We see a huge opportunity for the whole of the UK in the IoT space to increase our global competitiveness. We are looking to engage with forward thinking organizations on the roll-out of LPWAN as this will play a critical role in bringing the UK to the forefront of IoT development."