• An insights and predictive analytics enterprise, Citi Logik, has won Data Pioneer of the Year Award at the 2018 UK Business Technology Awards.

  • Cubic Transportation Systems’ (CTS) contactless payment system has expanded to Sydney’s train network. Heralded as a “game-changer for transport”, it will give commuters a wider choice to pay for ticketing including credit cards, smart watches, wearables and other electronic devices.


    Transport for New South Wales’ plans to roll out the new contactless payment system follows its success on ferries and light rail. In 2017, the Manly Ferry was the first to receive the open payment system in a trial started by the project. As of March this year, more than 235,000 trips have been taken using the contactless payment technology.


    “Expanding contactless in Sydney is a game-changer for transport and represents one of the biggest advancements in ticketing technology in years,” said Tom Walker, senior vice president and managing director of CTS, Asia-Pacific.


    “We’re very proud that Sydney is helping to lead the way by embracing new technologies to provide the best services possible for passengers.”


    The system is based on ticketing technology Cubic pioneered with Transport for London. Following its success in Australia, some of the contactless technology, software and equipment developed for Sydney will also be included in other cities such as New York, Boston and San Francisco in upcoming Cubic projects.


  • With the aim of improving Dubai and RTA's reliable school transport service, RTA's Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) announced its plan to run a fleet of 368 buses to lift about 8873 students in 17 schools contracted for the new academic year. The number of buses and schools grew from 270 buses serving 14 schools during the academic year 2016-2017.

  • According to some experts who gathered earlier this week in Texas for the South by Southwest Festival, flying taxis may indeed become a reality soon and they are expected to be available by 2025.

  • Volkswagen is to test a series of mobile charging stations throughout the German city of Wolfsburg, which will charge electric cars and e-bikes in around 17 minutes.

  • A highway in Germany installed overhead cables to power hybrid cars, in an effort to electrify truck transportation and cut emissions.

  • Many cities, all over the world, are working towards becoming ‘smart’. The use of data, AI-powered cameras, IoT-powered technologies, smart management systems, connected devices and even smart street infrastructure are all being developed and deployed to improve services and the quality of life for residents through automation and data analytics.

  • Chinese telecommunications vendor and technology leader Huawei has partnered with Kenya Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd. in an effort to provide a comprehensive analysis of the key factors of power communications network construction.

  • The Japanese city of Fukuoka is set to deploy autonomous pods that will transport its passengers across the Hakozaki area, for free, towards the end of next year.

  • Commuters in LA will now have increased flexibility in how they choose to pay for travel, thanks to the new TAPforce smart card system.

  • Millbrook Proving Ground has started working on deploying advanced 5G network as part of the AutoAir project which groups 5G testbed partners led by Airspan Networks. As reported by Millbrook, this is the "UK's first transport 5G network" and it will help building the future of testing and validation of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies.

  • PwC and London Transport Museum collaborated with the international law firm Gowling WLG and Thales, the global transport and security company and produced a report titled ‘Rethinking Smart Futures’.

  • Paris has initiated its first steps towards what it describes as a 'revolution' for the city as it embraces the dawn of autonomous vehicles. The French capital is one of the most famous cities in the entire world - and city officials have this week began experimenting with driverless buses.

  • Global ride-hailing behemoth Uber has launched a new unique feature described as a global first in an effort to empower women in Saudi Arabia.

  • The UK government has announced that it is set to invest £150 million in digital infrastructure and open data in its efforts to make Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow, a world-leading 'smart city'. Glasgow has already received £24 million since 2013 which has been circulated through the Innovate UK innovation agency. The investment has served to not only enhance connectivity in the city, but it has also helped Glasgow develop technologies of the future that will be cost effective and energy efficient.

  • The University of Warwick is set to host Europe’s first multi-million-pound Smart City Mobility Centre; a new facility for driverless capable vehicles that will plan for “transport systems of the future”.

  • US e-commerce behemoth Amazon has become the latest technology leader to join the self-driving race following its decision to invest $700m in an electric vehicle startup company.