Smart Parking System

  • Africa unveils its first ever ‘smart parking’ system in Ethiopia

    Africa has unveiled it's first-ever 'smart parking' system' in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa in an effort to reduce urban congestion and parking problems in the city. The innovative project cost around $2.2 million to construct - and it is hoped the 'smart parking' system can finally resolve the issues around mobility in a city notorious for its traffic jams. However, Addis Ababa's motorists are plagued even more by the fact the city has insufficient parking facilities.

  • Welsh capital launches ‘smart parking’ technology across the city

    Cardiff has announced that it will introduce a new 'smart parking' system, as part of local officials overall strategic approach to address urban congestion in the Welsh capital. The new technology will assist and aid drivers to find available car parking spaces in the city.