Smart Dubai Government

  • Dubai can continue to ‘measure’ its Smart City success with ‘happiness meter’

    Mr. Wesam Lootah, CEO, Smart Dubai Government Establishment has outlined some of the key initiatives that Smart Dubai have launched in its attempts to make Dubai the happiest city in the world.

    Mr. Lootah was speaking at the 7th annual Telecom Review Summit where he gave a brilliant insight into Smart Dubai’s on-going vision for the city in an informative, engaging and fascinating presentation. He highlighted the importance of the introduction of a ‘happiness meter’ which he said was giving everyone in the region a voice to shape the city they want to live in. The happiness meter subsequently provides key decision makers, city leaders and director generals with critical information about what impact their services are having on residents - and gives them feedback on whether or not the strategies they’ve executed are the correct ones for the city.

  • Smart Dubai organizes workshop to help implement AI strategy

    The Smart Dubai Government Establishment (SDG), Smart Dubai's technical arm, organized a workshop to provide training for Dubai Government institutions around best practices in artificial intelligence (AI) in order to catalyze smart transformation in the emirate.