Energy Efficient

  • China unveils the future of urban transport with track-less train that runs on virtual rails

    China has unveiled what many are predicting to be the future of urban transport – following the launch of a track-less train which runs on virtual rails. The project has been specifically designed to alleviate the issue of urban congestion - and is being tipped to be the long-term solution required to speed up public transportation in major cities across the world.

  • UK government invests £150m to make Glasgow a world-leading 'smart city'

    The UK government has announced that it is set to invest £150 million in digital infrastructure and open data in its efforts to make Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow, a world-leading 'smart city'. Glasgow has already received £24 million since 2013 which has been circulated through the Innovate UK innovation agency. The investment has served to not only enhance connectivity in the city, but it has also helped Glasgow develop technologies of the future that will be cost effective and energy efficient.